5 Essential Ingredients to Change a Habit

Did you make a resolution this year? How are you doing so far with your goals? Are you saying to yourself, “I really wanted to change this year, but I never stick to my goals!” Perhaps you can relate to the thought, “I know WHAT to do, I just can’t get myself to do it! I know that I “should” be eating more fruits and veggies and less junk, drinking more water, exercising regularly, etc, but I’m just stuck in old patterns.” Or maybe your goals have to do with time management, relationships, or another area. You know if you could just change this one thing, your life would be dramatically improved.

We all have goals and wishes, right? Continue reading

3 Simple Ways for Busy Moms to Find 3 Extra Hours per Day

“If only I had more time!” seems to be the cry of many busy moms today. Our days seem to fill up, speed up, and pass us by before we are really able to accomplish what we had planned, or to spend as much quality time with our families as we had hoped! I am writing this article on what happens to be an “extra” day….the rare and fabulous February 29th!

I started to get excited about the concept of an extra day and wanted to share my thoughts with other moms.  Continue reading


In the first part of this article, you learned four strategies to help you cope with and move past feeling overwhelmed. 1. Breathe, 2. Ask for Help, 3. Take care of Basic Needs, 4. Ask yourself: What is the next step? 

5. START SMALL Often that next step from number 4 will be a baby step. A huge project will seem overwhelming if we look at the entire thing at once. Breaking it down into smaller, do-able tasks is much more empowering. I like the phrase, “some is better than none”! If I can just work for 5 minutes on a task, it builds confidence, momentum and adds up! 15 minutes of exercise is better than none, one pile of paperwork taken care of is better than none…you get idea! No more “all or nothing” thinking that often leads to perfectionistic paralysis! How could you break a project down into smaller tasks?  Continue reading


What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed? I hear this word so often from the busy women I see as clients and all my friends who are moms! “Overwhelm” can be a result of having too much on your to-do list, a recent change or loss, a new venture or project, or unrealistic expectations.

When I’m overwhelmed, I admit to a tendency to avoid, procrastinate, snack, avoid again, get a lot of non-important things done so I’m “doing”, but not really accomplishing…you get the picture! Often overwhelm leads to a vicious cycle of avoidance or spinning your wheels without getting traction on your goals. The last time I felt overwhelmed, I focused on positive solutions and wanted to share what works with you. Continue reading

Beyond Supermom: How Being “Real” can Lead to Genuine Freedom, Confidence, and Connection

If you’re a mom, I wonder what comes up for you when you hear the phrase “super mom”. How about: “Oh brother, that is definitely not me?” Or perhaps a craving to be closer to the ideal mom you think you “should” be? Or envy, frustration, or rolling of your eyes as you imagine a mom who seems to have it all together? Perhaps with other moms you like to pretend you have it all together, or you talk about the ones who do. The truth is, no mom, no woman has it “all together” and once we can be real about that, we can support each other authentically AND feel more confident about our flawed selves and imperfect parenting.

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