3 Simple Ways for Busy Moms to Find 3 Extra Hours per Day

“If only I had more time!” seems to be the cry of many busy moms today. Our days seem to fill up, speed up, and pass us by before we are really able to accomplish what we had planned, or to spend as much quality time with our families as we had hoped! I am writing this article on what happens to be an “extra” day….the rare and fabulous February 29th!

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Beyond Supermom: How Being “Real” can Lead to Genuine Freedom, Confidence, and Connection

If you’re a mom, I wonder what comes up for you when you hear the phrase “super mom”. How about: “Oh brother, that is definitely not me?” Or perhaps a craving to be closer to the ideal mom you think you “should” be? Or envy, frustration, or rolling of your eyes as you imagine a mom who seems to have it all together? Perhaps with other moms you like to pretend you have it all together, or you talk about the ones who do. The truth is, no mom, no woman has it “all together” and once we can be real about that, we can support each other authentically AND feel more confident about our flawed selves and imperfect parenting.

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